Karl J. Wittmann

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External organs associated with the male gonopore are described for 29 species covering for the first time all seven currently acknowledged, extant families of the orders Lophogastrida, Stygiomysida, and Mysida, and all ten subfamilies of the Mysidae (Mysida). The gonopores are located throughout on the structures of the coxa of the eighth thoracopods. The(More)
The order Mysida (2 families, 178 genera, 1132 species) contains species across a broad range of habitats, such as subterranean, fresh, brackish, coastal, and surface to deep-sea habitats. The Stygiomysida (2 families, 2 genera, 16 species), however, are found primarily in subterranean waters, but always in waters with a marine influence. The Mysida and(More)
Combined faunistic and genetic studies in the marine Ekamako Cave at the southern coast of Nuku Hiva, Marquesas, in the central Pacific, yielded Heteromysis (Olivemysis) ekamako as a new species. This taxon differs from its congeners by a specific combination of morphological characters: flagellate, modified spines dorsally on each of the three segments of(More)
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