Karl J. O'Dwyer

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Sexual selection hypotheses stipulate that the major histocompatibility complex genes (MHC) constitute a key molecular underpinning for mate choice in vertebrates. The last four decades saw growing empirical literature on the role of MHC diversity and dissimilarity in mate choice for a wide range of vertebrate animals, but with mixed support for its(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the component positioning of Birmingham Hip Resurfacings implanted through a posterolateral approach with those inserted via a direct lateral approach. Sixty-four hip resurfacings for osteoarthritis were carried out by a single surgeon: 23 through a direct lateral approach and 41 through a posterolateral approach. No(More)
Electricity is a major cost in running a data centre, and servers are responsible for a significant percentage of the power consumption. With the rising cost of electricity and slow adoption of cleaner electricity-generating technology, servers should become more energy efficient. This paper looks at web servers, as HTTP is a common service provided by data(More)
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