Karl J Logan

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BACKGROUND Tendon lengthening is an important cause of morbidity after Achilles tendon rupture. However, direct measurement of the tendon length is difficult. Ankle dorsiflexion has, therefore, been used as a surrogate measure on the assumption that it is the Achilles tendon that limits this movement. The aim of this investigation was to assess the(More)
Uterine transplantation has been proposed as a possible solution to absolute uterine factor infertility untreatable by any other option. Since the first human attempt in 2000, various teams have tried to clarify which immunosuppressant would be most suitable for protecting the allogeneic uterine graft while posing a minimal risk to the fetus. Cyclosporine A(More)
Pain Res Manag Vol 20 No 3 May/June 2015 e29 visits or busy hospital admissions. However, due to important advancements in therapeutic regimes and changes to healthcare systems, these youth now spend less time hospitalized and more time at home. This means youth with cancer and their families are increasingly responsible for managing cancer-associated pain(More)
This retrospective cohort study examined 20 patients (48 physes), 11 boys and nine girls, who were treated with hinge-plate or eight-plate. The mean age of the patients at surgery was 11.9±2.6 years. The mean follow-up duration was 13±2.7 months. The radiographic measurement of both distal femoral and proximal tibial deformity showed significant correction,(More)
UNLABELLED Flexion-type supracondylar fractures are challenging to treat because, unlike extension-type fractures, it is difficult to take advantage of the intact periosteal hinge to stabilize the fracture fragments during percutaneous pinning. Some authors have described closed reduction of these fractures with the elbow in extension, followed by(More)
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