Karl J Han

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Although the oxytocin receptor modulates intracellular Ca2+ ion levels in myometrium, the identities of signal molecules have not been clearly clarified. Our previous studies on oxytocin receptor signalling demonstrated that 80 kDa Ghalpha is a signal mediator [Baek, Kwon, Lee, Kim, Muralidhar and Im (1996) Biochem. J. 315, 739-744]. To elucidate the(More)
Background—Previous work indicated that enzymatically remodeled LDL (E-LDL) might activate complement in atherosclerotic lesions via a C-reactive protein (CRP)– dependent and CRP-independent pathway. We sought to substantiate this contention and determine whether both pathways drive the sequence to completion. Methods and Results—E-LDL was prepared by(More)
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