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Phrenic nerve latency was studied in 14 male type 1 diabetic patients with impaired diaphragm function and in 14 healthy control subjects. The diabetics showed significantly decreased values regarding inspiratory vital capacity and forced volume in 1 s compared with the control subjects. All other lung function parameters were similar in both groups.(More)
L ipoprotein(a) [Lp(a)] concentrations are genetically determined (1,2), and numerous epidemiological studies in the general population have identified elevated Lp(a) levels as a risk factor for atherosclerotic disorders (3,4). However, this association is not as clearly defined in patients with type 1 diabetes (5), since large prospective studies are(More)
T herapeutic shoes and other prophy-lactic interventions are used to prevent diabetic foot ulceration (1,2), but patient's compliance to use prescribed footwear has never been investigated in primary care. Therapeutic footwear might be effective in secondary ulcer prevention, as demonstrated in two noncontrolled trials, but was only effective when worn Ͼ60%(More)
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