Karl Inderfurth

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This paper reviews the theoretical and numerical analysis of stochastic multi-echelon systems. We discuss both production (assembly) and distribution models, with an emphasis on materials coordination problems. Extensions to capacitated systems are also treated. The emphasis of this paper is on applicability of the models; in particular we characterize(More)
We study the problem of planning the production of new and recovering defective items of the same product manufactured on the same facility. Items of the product are produced in batches. The processing of a batch includes two stages. In the first work stage, all items of a batch are manufactured and good quality items go to the inventory to satisfy given(More)
This contribution focuses on the cost-effective management of the combined use of two procurement options: the short-term option is given by a spot market with random price, whereas the long-term alternative is characterized by a multi period capacity reservation contract with fixed purchase price and reservation level. A reservation cost, proportional with(More)