Karl-Heinz Zimmermann

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Licence plates and traffic signs detection and recognition have a number of different applications relevant for transportation systems, such as traffic monitoring, detection of stolen vehicles, driver navigation support or any statistical research. A number of methods have been proposed, but only for particular cases and working under constraints (e.g.(More)
In this correspondence, we first consider repeated-mot cyclic codes, i.e., cyclic codes whose block length is divisible by the characteristic of the underlying field. It is well known that the formula for the miinimum distance of repeated-root cyclic codes is similar to that for generalized concatenated codes. We show that indecomposable repeated-root(More)
A finite state machine manipulating information-carrying DNA strands can be used to perform autonomous molecular-scale computations at the cellular level. We propose a new finite state machine able to detect and correct aberrant molecular phenotype given by mutated genetic transcripts. The aberrant mutations trigger a cascade reaction: specific molecular(More)