Karl-Heinz Hoffmann

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The complexity of situations occurring at intersections is demanding on the cognitive abilities of drivers. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are intended to assist particularly in those situations. However, for adequate system reaction strategies it is essential to develop situation assessment. Especially the driver's intention has to be estimated.(More)
In dieser Arbeit untersuchen wir die Bewegung einer Fest-kugel im beschränkten Gebiet, das mit einer inkompressiblen zähen Flüssigkeit gefüllt ist. Wir beweisen, dass die Festkugel die Wand des Behälters mit der Geschwindigkeit Null erreicht. Als eine Folgerung wird die Lösbarkeit der Aufgabe gezeigt. 1 Einführung und Hauptergebnisse. Es sei Ω ein Gebiet im(More)
The paper considers the problem of selecting individuals in the current population in Genetic Algorithms for crossover to find a solution of high fitness of a given combinatorial optimization problem. Many different schemes have been considered in literature as possible selection strategies, such as Windowing, Exponential reduction, Linear transformation or(More)
We consider the use of task pool teams in implementation of the master equation on random Sierpinski carpets. Though the basic idea of dynamic storage of the probability density reported earlier applies straightforward to random carpets, the randomized construction breaks up most of the simplifications possible for regular carpets. In addition, parallel(More)