Karl-Heinz Hanisch

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Dissolved carbohydrates comprise one of the largest pools of labile organic matter readily available for bacterial use in pelagic ecosystems. Despite this fact, very little is known about use of dissolved carbohydrates by planktonic bacteria. We studied use of total dissolved carbohydrates (TDCHO) by planktonic bacteria in mesotrophic Lake Constance,(More)
wicklungen offenbar nicht sehr h~iufig gesehen werden, aber doch pathogenetisch wie versicherlingsrechtlich yon ]3edeutung sind. Wenn die entsprechenden Einzelbeobachtungen, besonders beztiglich der Hypertonie, an Zahl auch noch gering sind, so weisen sie doch darauf bin, dab man in Zukunft einen /itiologischen Zusammenhang yon Blutdrucksteigerung und(More)
Traditional stereology consists nearly completely in the determination of particle size distributions and mean values such as Vv and Sv. However, for the description of the 'inner' structure of random structures second-order characteristics such as the pair correlation function or reduced second moment function are useful. In the present paper stereological(More)
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