Karl Hagmüller

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The effects of long-term cold exposure on brown adipose tissue (BAT) thermogenesis in hypothyroid rats have been examined. Thyroid ablation was performed in normal rats after 2 mo of exposure to 4 degrees C, when BAT hypertrophy and thermogenic activity were maximal. After ablation, hypothyroid and normal controls remained in the cold for 2 additional(More)
1. I. v. or i.a. injection of GABA produced a transient apnoea in rats under pentobarbital anaesthesia. The dose-response relationship and specifity of this effect were investigated. 2. Injection of GABA into the femoral vein led to an apnoea of dose-dependent duration, the dose-response curve showed an ED50 of about 5 mumoles GABA kg-1 and a maximum(More)
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