Karl H Welge

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The H + H(2) exchange reaction constitutes an excellent benchmark with which to test dynamical theories against experiments. The H + D(2) (vibrational quantum number v = 0, rotational quantum number j = 0) reaction has been studied in crossed molecular beams at a collision energy of 1.28 electron volts, with the use of the technique of Rydberg atom(More)
For deuterium Rydberg atoms in a magnetic field of ...... 6 T we compa re tbe complete experimen tal spectrum io the range 190 em 1 to 20 cm I with the positions and oscillator strengths of the correspond ing quantum theoretically calculated photoabsorption lines. The agreement is cxccllent. The range of energy covered extends from the end of the I -mixing(More)
The scattering of highly excited hydrogen Rydberg atoms, H* (n = 36), with deuterium molecules in their rovibrational ground state, D2(v = 0, j = 0), has been investigated at a relative collision energy of 0.53 eV. Time-of-flight distributions of elastically/inelastically scattered H* Rydberg atoms and reactively scattered D* Rydberg atoms have been(More)
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