Karl H. Schlag

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It is well established for evolutionary dynamics in asymmetric games that a pure strategy combination is asymptotically stable if and only if it is a strict Nash equilibrium. We use an extension of the notion of a strict Nash equilibrium to sets of strategy combinations called 'strict equilibrium set' and show the following. For a large class of(More)
While in previous models of pre-play communication players are forced to communicate, we investigate what happens if players can choose not to participate in this cheap talk. Outcomes are predicted by analyzing evolutionary stability in a population of a priori identical players. If the game following the communication rewards players who choose the same(More)
This paper introduces the concept of ordient for binary relations (preferences), a relative of the concept of gradient for functions (utilities). The main motivation for this study is to replace the binary relation at the center stage of economic analysis, rather than its representation (whenever it exists). Moreover, ordients have a natural economic(More)
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