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The effect of altered masticatory muscle function on bone mass at different sites in the rat mandible was studied using aluminium as a reference substance in computer-assisted image analysis. Forty-two growing male rats were divided into three groups, of which one group was killed at the beginning of the experiment to provide baseline values. Of the(More)
The influence of changes in the masticatory function on bone mass, bone density and cortical thickness was analyzed in different functional units of the mandible of the growing rat. Young male albino rats were fed either a hard diet or a soft diet for 4 wk. Undecalcified coronal sections were selected from five mandibular regions and microradiographic(More)
Subtraction of serially obtained standardized radiographs of the marginal periodontal bone offers possibilities for an increased detectability of small bony changes compared to conventional radiography. In this study, the depth of artificially induced bone lesions in the alveolar crest was assessed by means of 125I absorptiometry. The results served as(More)
The mass of hard-tissue specimens is assessed by optimised microradiography followed by computer-assisted videodensitometry. Radiographs are produced with 27 kV roentgen radiation, filtered through 0.5 to 1 mm of aluminium, on high-resolution glass plates. Aluminium step wedges are used for density calibration, the result being expressed as 'aluminium(More)
Aluminium was evaluated as a reference substance in the assessment of rabbit cortical bone by microradiography followed by videodensitometry. Ten dense, cortical-bone specimens from the same tibia diaphysis were microradiographed using prefiltered 27 kV roentgen radiation together with aluminium step wedges and bone simulating phantoms for calibration.(More)
The Boyden chamber technique for chemotaxis uses a mesh filter that constitutes a matrix for cell locomotion and, at the same time, creates a local restriction for convective fluid movements that allows the establishment of a diffusive concentration gradient of chemotactic substance in the filter. In the present study, the Boyden chamber was modified by the(More)
A method for non-invasive assessment of experimental bone healing in animals is described. Optimized radiographs were analysed by digital processing using a computer-based image analysis system. Values of the total mass were expressed as the equivalent mass of a simultaneously exposed aluminium roentgen-density reference. In order to assess the potential of(More)
Leukocyte margination is an important rheological phenomenon, being a prerequisite for leukocyte adhesion and invasion of the tissues in inflammation. In the present study the influence on leukocyte radial distribution of erythrocyte concentration and flow velocity was studied with fluorescence microscopy in a glass capillary model. This consisted of a(More)
PURPOSE To analyze the effect of irradiation on cancellous bone healing at different times after irradiation and to study if hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) would affect the bone healing capacity, when delivered directly after irradiation. METHODS AND MATERIALS Rabbits were given a single dose of 15 Gy (60)Co radiation to one hind leg, the other hind leg(More)
BACKGROUND The use of various synthetic calcium phosphate compositions for the promotion of bone in bone defects is of potential interest because such materials may be tailor made and may bond to bone. There is yet an inadequate knowledge of the role of calcium phosphate composition and resorbability for the bone response. PURPOSE The aim of the present(More)