Karl Grosse

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In three girls, aged 14, 15 and 16 years, the chromosome analysis revealed a morphologically abnormal, enlarged X-chromosome resembling in size and centromere position the chromosome no. 2. The translocation points were different in all three cases. The Barr-bodies were enlarged. In two girls a 45,X mosaicism (25% and 10%) was found in lymphocyte cultures.(More)
In a 3 3/4 year old boy with mental and physical retardation, a chromosome analysis from lymphocyte cultures revealed a partial deletion of chromosome 1q following a pericentric inversion. The chromosomes of the parents were normal. The clinical picture of the patient included the following characteristics: prominent occiput, small chin, deep-seated and(More)
A twelve-months-old female is reported with double trisomy of the autosomes 18 and 21 (48,XX,+18,+21), exhibiting the clinical features of mongolism. The findings of this patient and the data of fourteen previously reported cases with double autosomal trisomy, twelve of them mosaics, may be summarised as follows: The mean birth weight was lower than in the(More)
Two cases of partial trisomy 2q are described, both resulting from a balanced translocation in one of the parents. In one case the chromosomes 2 and 11 were involved [paternal karyotype: 46,XY,t(2;11)(q33;q23)]; in the second case, chromosomes 2 and 8 [paternal karyotype: 46,XY, t(2;8(q32;p23)]. When the two patients were compared to the few cases reported(More)
Monosomy 1p36 is a recently delineated contiguous gene syndrome, which is now considered to be one of the most common subtelomeric microdeletion syndromes. We report four unrelated patients with subtle deletions within 1p36 confirmed by high resolution karyotyping and FISH. All exhibited severe psychomotor retardation. Microcephaly, seizures, and visual(More)
Audio rendering is generally used to increase the realism of virtual environments (VE). In addition, audio rendering may also improve the performance in specific tasks carried out in interactive applications such as games or simulators. In this article we investigate the effect of the quality of sound rendering on task performance in a task which is(More)
We modified slightly the method of Kopito and co-workers for determination of sodium and potassium in nail-clippings. In 15 children with cystic fibrosis and 148 controls (children and adults) we get nearly the same results as Kopito. We made some diffusion tests to elucidate the source of the elevated concentration of electrolytes in nail-clippings of(More)