Karl Gründer

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The tea fungus 'Kombucha' is a symbiosis of Acetobacter, including Acetobacter xylinum as a characteristic species, and various yeasts. A characteristic yeast species or genus has not yet been identified. Kombucha is mainly cultivated in sugared black tea to produce a slightly acidulous effervescent beverage that is said to have several curative effects. In(More)
In recent years, the genus Malassezia has been reclassified based on molecular data. In addition to M. furfur, M. pachydermatis and M. sympodialis, four new species, M. globosa, M. obtusa, M. restricta and M. slooffiiae, have been described. However, apart from their lipid dependence, little is known about the metabolism and nutritional requirements of all(More)
Phospholipases are important pathogenicity determinants inCandida albicans. They play a significant role in damaging cell membranes and invading host cells. High phospholipase production is correlated with an increased ability of adherence and a higher mortality rate in animal models. By means of an egg yolk-containing agar and thePz (= phospholipase(More)
The lipophilic yeast Malassezia furfur belongs to the resident skin flora but has been implicated in various skin diseases. While topical oily preparations may support its growth, their formulation may be altered by yeast-dependent enzymatic degradation. Different synthetic fatty acid (mono-)esters used as refatting agents were mixed with 10(4), 10(5) and 5(More)
Die Therapie der fortgeschrittenen Chromoblastomykose ist trotz moderner Antimykotika immer noch unbefriedigend, während die Behandlung im Frühstadium hohe Heilungsraten erwarten läßt. Bei einem 46 Jahre alten Lehrer konnte eine initiale Chromoblastomykose durch eine noch unbekannte Spezies der Gattung Phialophora diagnostiziert werden. Der Erreger wurde(More)
A 63-year-old patient, known to have suffered from lymphogranulomatosis X for 4 years is reported, in whom a cutaneous cryptococcosis appeared as first sign of a disseminated cryptococcosis. Despite systemic therapy with amphotericin B, the patient died after a period of 2 months. Differential diagnosis of skin tumours of immunosuppressed patients includes(More)
A 1-year follow-up in a 12 year old girl suffering from Fox-Fordyce disease is reported. Reddish papules were found in the typical locations in the regions with a high density of apocrine glands. A biopsy specimen showed keratin plugs in the infundibula of apocrine glands. Since hormone therapy could not yet be given, external therapy only was performed,(More)
We evaluated a new serological classification system for Neisseria gonorrhoeae based on monoclonal antibodies directed against epitopes on the outer membrane protein I, in conjunction with auxotyping, to analyse gonococci from two cities in the Federal Republic of Germany. Isolates of N gonorrhoeae were collected during 1976-8 and 1980-2 in Lübeck, and(More)
Apart from pityriasis versicolor, Malassezia furfur is thought to play a significant role in the pathogenesis of seborrhoic eczema and Malassezia folliculitis. However, it has not been clarified whether in addition to host factors (e.g. immune status, greasy skin), yeast-dependent activities are responsible for manifestation of the disease. In this context(More)
Sixty cases of tinea pedum intertriginosa were topically treated in a double-blind trial. In 34 cases a cream was used, which contained 5-chloro-8-hydroxyquinoline, gentamycin and fluprednyliden-21-acetate. In 26 cases a cream was used, which contained 5-chloro-8-hydroxyquinoline and gentamycin alone. Treatment was continued over three weeks. In weekly(More)