Karl-Georg Schlesinger

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The activities of catechol-O-methyl transferase (COMT), monoamine oxidase (MAO), and a methanol forming enzyme were studied in whole brain homogenates and in livers obtained from DBA/2J, C57B1/6J, and F1 hybrid mice. DBA/2J mice are extremely susceptible to audiogenic seizures, whereas C57B1/6J mice are resistant to sound-induced convulsions. C57B1/6J mice(More)
Acute nicotine administration has been shown to influence the acquisition and retention of learning tasks. In order to investigate the many possible behavioral and pharmacological effects of nicotine, a modified 2 X 2 state-dependent learning design was used to assess nicotine's effects on active avoidance learning. Male and female mice of the C57BL/6J(More)
Food deprived, heterogeneous strain (HS/IBG) mice were trained on two different discrimination tasks for food reinforcement. In one experiment animals were trained to make spatial discriminations in a T maze. Immediately after training they were given subcutaneous injections of either substance P (1 ng/g) or vehicle. Twenty-four hours later the animals were(More)
We construct a deformation of the function algebra on the quantum group SL q (2) into a trialgebra in the sense of Crane and Frenkel. We show that this naturally acts on the trialgebraic deformation of the Manin plane, previously introduced by the authors. Alternatively, one can view it as acting on the trialgebraic deformation of the fermionic Manin plane.(More)
We suggest that trialgebraic symmetries might be a sensible starting point for a notion of integrability for two dimensional spin systems. For a simple trialgebraic symmetry we give an explicit condition in terms of matrices which a Hamiltonian realizing such a symmetry has to satisfy and give an example of such a Hamiltonian which realizes a trialgebra(More)
We introduce duals for non-abelian lattice gauge theories in dimension at least three by using a categorical approach to the notion of duality in lattice theories. We first discuss the general concepts for the case of a dual-triangular lattice (i.e. the dual lattice is triangular) and find that the commutative tetrahedron condition of category theory can(More)
We develop the old idea of von Neumann of a set theory with an internal quantum logic in a modern categorical guise (i.e. taking the objects of the category H of (Pre-)Hilbert spaces and linear maps as the sets of the basic level). We will see that in this way it is possible to clarify the relationship between categorification and quantization and besides(More)
Samples of mice from each of 6 inbred strains were tested for audiogenic and electroconvulsive seizures at 5 ages (14, 21, 28, 35, and 42 days). A moderately large within-strain correlation (.67) was found, indicating that developmental patterns of susceptibility to audiogenic and electroconvulsive seizures are similar within each strain. The finding of an(More)
String theory is accused by some of its critics to be a purely abstract mathematical discipline, having lost the contact to the simple yet deeply rooted questions which physics provided until the beginning of this century. We argue that, in contrary, there are indications that string theory might be linked to a fundamental principle of a quantum(More)