Karl Fischer

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BACKGROUND Severe Combined Immune Deficient (SCID)/Urokinase-type Plasminogen Activator (uPA) mice undergo liver failure and are useful hosts for the propagation of transplanted human hepatocytes (HH) which must compete with recipient-derived hepatocytes for replacement of the diseased liver parenchyma. While partial replacement by HH has proven useful for(More)
Time delayed teleoperation exacts a high toll on human cognitive resources. High error rates and poor performance times are typical consequences of operating a vehicle under such conditions. This paper describes the usability effects of simple enhancements to the interface for a teleoperated lunar vehicle. Experimental results suggest that simple interface(More)
Telepresence, experiencing a place without physically being there, offers an important means for the public experience of remote locations such as distant continents or other planets. EventScope presents one such telepresence visualization interface for bringing scientific missions to the public. Currently, remote experience lessons based on NASA's Mars(More)
<b><i>Telepresence</i></b> is experiencing a place without physically being there. Telepresence interfaces receive information from robots or sensors in distant, hard to reach places. Scientists use telepresence to explore places that are inaccessible to human beings, such as Mars. However, the technology used on such missions is so complex that the(More)
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