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Wire and gate delays are accounted to have equal, or nearly equal, effect on circuit behavior in modern design techniques. This paper introduces a new approach to verify circuits whose behavior is independent of component delays (delay-insensitive). It shows that for a particular way of implementing a delay-insensitive circuit, through a Null Convention(More)
We describe the fabrication and testing of the RF windows designed to transmit power to the PEP-II 476 MHz cavities. Design choices to maximize the reliability of the window are discussed. Fabrication technologies for the window are described and finite-element analysis of the assembly process is presented. Conditioning and high-power testing of the window(More)
Boolean logic is a mathematical symbol system. There is a population of symbols organized into a state space, a set of primitive function mappings, a logic expression specifying a progression of primitive function mappings and a set of rules of behavior to coordinate the flow of symbols from the state space through the progression of function mappings to(More)
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