Karl F Woodmansey

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INTRODUCTION Hydraulic silicate cements such as mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) have many clinical advantages. Newer hydraulic silicate materials have been developed that improve on the limitations of mineral trioxide aggregate such as the long setting time and difficult handling characteristics. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of(More)
INTRODUCTION Calcium silicate-based sealers are known to have excellent sealing ability and bioactivities. They are typically recommended to be used in a single-cone (SC) technique. No studies have evaluated the effects of the thermoplastic obturation technique on the dentin interface of these sealers. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the push-out(More)
Endodontic treatment and dental implants are both viable treatment options to restore a compromised dentition. How these treatments impact patients' ability to chew has not been studied. The purpose of this study was to compare various parameters of masticatory function in patients with endodontically treated teeth and single-implant supported prostheses.(More)
Patients with bulimia nervosa commonly exhibit distinctive oral characteristics. Dental health providers should be able to recognize these signs and identify patients with this condition. Members of the dental health team then must intervene and assist in facilitating treatment of the eating disorder. Current knowledge about bulimia nervosa and its oral(More)
Competitive and recreational athletes are at significant risk of orofacial injury. The use of mouth guards and face shields can substantially reduce that risk. In this article, the author summarizes the known incidence of orofacial trauma and the benefits of using athletic mouth guards and advises college health professionals to advocate mouth guards for(More)
Although overshadowed by intraosseous anesthesia and the periodontal ligament injection, intraseptal anesthesia remains a useful local anesthesia technique for general dentists. Intraseptal anesthesia can be employed with safety and efficacy as an alternative to conventional local infiltration or regional nerve block injections. It also can serve as an(More)
Intraosseous anesthesia is an effective and increasingly used technique with few reported complications. The technique uses a specialized drill to perforate the osseous cortex where local anesthetic can then be deposited to anesthetize teeth. It has been reported that separation of the perforation drills from their plastic bases can occur because of the(More)
Identifying and accessing all pulp canals is particularly challenging in the endodontic treatment of teeth with atypical canal configurations. This report describes the nonsurgical endodontic treatment of a maxillary first premolar with three root canals. The prevalence of this unusual morphology is reviewed and suggestions are offered to help dentists(More)
INTRODUCTION Vocabulary and writing style have been shown to affect the readability of patient-education materials. Readability is generally defined as the ease of understanding or comprehension because of the style of writing. Microsoft Word software (Microsoft Corporation, Bellevue, WA) can quantify and report readability statistics, providing both the(More)