Karl Ernst von Mühlendahl

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Own data and analysis of previous publications show that situations where accidental ingestion of corrosive substances by children may have happened are frequent, but severe corrosive esophagitis leading to perforation or stricture formation is very rare. In case of suspected esophageal injury, esophagoscopy and glucocorticoid treatment become necessary.(More)
In 22 children who were in complete remission after acute lymphoblastic leukaemia endocrinological investigations were performed 5-12 weeks after cessation of therapy. The children had received central nervous system irradiation (tele-Co60, 850-1800 rad), and long term, aggressive cytostatic drug therapy during 21 to 36 months. Growth hormone, TSH,(More)
About 20 years ago, inspection of the homes of children with leukaemia in Denver revealed an unusual number of power transformers in their vicinity. It was hypothesized that electromagnetic fields may be responsible for childhood leukaemia [1]. This cohort has now been revisited. Leiss and Savitz (one of the original authors) reused the data of 252 children(More)
Spevak PJ, Colan SD (1994) Infantile dilated cardiomyopathy. Circulation 90:1310±1318 4. Sacca L, Cittadini A, Fazio S (1994) Growth hormone and the heart. Endocr Rev 15:555±573 5. Yang R, Bunting S, Gillett N, Clark R, Jin H (1995) Growth hormone improves cardiac performance in experimental heart failure. Circulation 92:262±267 Y. Ikemoto (&) á M.(More)
Environmental problems are a constant matter of public debate. Politicians, officials, journalists, "greenish" and seriously concerned activists and groupings, and patients who correctly or erroneously think that the environment is doing them harm, occupy the scene. The medical profession takes part only marginally in these discussions because such matter(More)
Cortisol and growth hormone (GH) secretion (spontaneous variations at night and the release induced by insulin hypoglycaemia) were investigated in 69 children and adolescents. Statistical analysis of approximately 600 pairs of cortisol and GH values in this study demonstrated that physiological fluctuations of cortisol do not alter GH secretion. A review of(More)
Two cases of infantile liver cirrhosis of unknown origin occurred in a circumscribed rural area of Northern Germany. Both children had increased dietary copper exposure. The search for additional cases of what appeared to be idiopathic copper toxicosis (ICT) revealed a cluster of affected infants in this region, raising questions about the relative(More)
Precocious puberty apparently occurs more often in boys with Klinefelter syndrome than could be expected by chance. So far, reports exist on nine such patients, to which two more cases are added here. Whereas most of the previously described boys had endocrinologically active tumours, these two patients had sexual precocity of the idiopathic type.