Karl-Ernst Biebler

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Phenotypes of the N-acetylation and debrisoquine type oxidation polymorphism were determined with sulfamethazine and debrisoquine in 145 healthy volunteers (31-80 years, 64 males, 81 females) of a North-East German area. Seventeen (11.7%) were poor metabolizers of debrisoquine and 81 (55.9%) slow acetylators of sulfamethazine. No significant correlations(More)
OBJECTIVE/HYPOTHESIS Evaluation of the impact of continuously topically released dexamethasone using a drug-releasing stent on quality of regenerated mucosa after full thickness injury in the paranasal sinuses. STUDY DESIGN Prospective, controlled, randomized, double-blinded animal study. METHODS Nineteen New Zealand white rabbits were subjected to(More)
BACKGROUND This study is an evaluation of wound healing in an animal model for surgery of frontal sinusitis and treatment effect of topically released dexamethasone using a drug-releasing stent with special emphasis of osteoneogenesis. METHODS A prospective, controlled, randomized, double-blinded animal study was performed. Nineteen New Zealand white(More)
Ovarian cancer still represents a challenge in gynecological oncology. Most patients are diagnosed in an advanced tumor stage. No specific screening or prevention strategies for ovarian cancer exist as of yet. Interleukin 8 (IL-8) is a pro-inflammatory chemokine known for its angiogenetic activity, and is supposedly responsible for tumor-associated(More)
Dihydralazine is a substrate of the human N-acetyltransferase. Therefore the acetylator phenotype could influence the pharmacodynamic response of dihydralazine and/or side effects of this drug. In this study it could be shown that: among patients with dihydralazine incompatibility slow acetylators preponderated; the risk of early side effects was higher in(More)
Three calculation methods to estimation of the total clearance of dialysis patients are evaluated. The basis of calculation are concentration values of urea in blood versus dialysate. The variation coefficient of the measurement errors is 5 percent. The error formation in three estimation formulas is examined. The formula [formula: see text] is most(More)
The alpha-amylase loci Amy1 and Amy2 and other loci on chromosome 1 were investigated for their linkage relationship to the PKU locus. Ten families were informative for the study of linkage between PKU/Amy, 20 for PKU-Fy, 11 for PKU/PGM1, and 10 for PKU/Rh linkage. The probabilities of linkage at different recombinant fractions were calculated according to(More)