Karl E. Steiner

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We performed a study to examine the differences in verbal interaction between groups of young users working together at a single computer and groups working on a shared workspace at individual computers. Pairs of Kindergarten and First Grade students worked with the Graphic Story Writer (an interactive learning environment) at a single computer or at two(More)
The desire to infer the evolutionary history of a group of species should be more viable now that a considerable amount of multilocus molecular data is available. However, the current molecular phylogenetic paradigm still reconstructs gene trees to represent the species tree. Further, commonly used methods to combine data, such as the concatenation method,(More)
The Graphic StoryWriter (GSW) is an interactive system that enables its users to create structurally complete stories through the manipulation of graphic objects in a simulated storybook. A rule-based story engine manages character and prop interaction, guides story development, and generates text. Through the simple interface and story writing engine, the(More)
This paper describes a series of studies conducted to evaluate methods of encouraging productive dialog between young children in 2D and 3D shared narrative workspaces. These workspaces were based on the Graphic Story Writer (GSW), an interactive system that produces coherent narrative text in response to user interactions. In particular, we examine the(More)
The paper presents the shuue algorithm proposed by Baganoo, which can be implemented in simulation methods for the Boltzmann equation to simplify the binary collision process. It is shown that the shuue algorithm is a discrete approximation of an isotropic collision law. The transition probability as well as the scattering cross section of the shuue(More)
Visualization of trivariate functions and vector fields with three components in scientific computation is still a hard problem in compute graphic area. People build their own visualization packages for their special purposes. And there exist some general-purpose packages (MatLab, Vis5D), but they all require extensive user experience on setting all the(More)
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