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There is widespread concern that large-scale malicious attacks on computer networks could cause serious disruption to network services. We present the design of GrIDS Graph-Based Intrusion Detection System. GrIDS collects data about activity on computers and network traac between them. It aggregates this information into activity graphs which reveal the(More)
Recently there has been an influx of work on extending a wireless sensor networks lifetime by distributing source compression and deploying non-homogeneous nodes to handle the aggregation. Both of these mechanisms have been shown to increase the network's lifetime, but they each have requirements that might not be plausible. With distributed source(More)
This symposium brings together leading researchers and practitioners from academia, government, and industry to discuss issues and technologies related to intrusion detection and defense. This year, we are pleased to be holding RAID in conjunction with VizSec 2008. Limited accommodations for RAID attendees are available at the Boston Marriott Cambridge.
We give an overview of data security issues for the smart electrical grid. In the recent past, the electrical power system has experienced unexpected, large-scale, cascading failures initiated by relatively small failures (which may be deliberately caused in the future), and market manipulation (a well-known example of which is Enron's manipulation of the(More)