Karl D. Stephan

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| The social implications of a wide variety of technologies are the subject matter of the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT). This paper reviews the SSIT’s contributions since the Society’s founding in 1982, and surveys the outlook for certain key technologies that may have significant social impacts in the future. Military and(More)
IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, Fall 2002 0278-0079/02/$17.00©2002IEEE Engineering is a pragmatic profession, and the curricula of engineering schools reflect this fact. Perhaps no other type of professional school has such a large percentage of its undergraduate studies devoted to technical matters, meaning material that directly aids technic, the(More)
| 5 n a warm April day in 1955, three men walked up to the porch of 112 Mercer Street in Princeton, New Jersey. One of them was Victor Paschkis, a Vienna-born professor of mechanical engineering at Columbia University. Seven years earlier, Paschkis, a Quaker, had talked with the Quaker chaplain at Columbia about the incredible dangers of wars fought with(More)
The generation of stable buoyant fireballs in a microwave cavity in air at atmospheric pressure without the use of vaporized solids is described. These fireballs have some of the characteristics of ball lightning and resemble those reported by Dikhtyar and Jerby [Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 045002 (2006)], although of a different color, and do not require the(More)