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This paper introduces the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology and examines some of the current technology trends and prospects for the future including our relationship with computers and the prospects for a transhumanist future. ABSTRACT | The social implications of a wide variety of technologies are the subject matter of the IEEE Society on(More)
nce upon a time, less than a third of a representative sample of U.S. engineering educators considered the study of differential equations to be necessary for an engineer's education. When the Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education surveyed over 500 teachers of engineering during the 1920s, it found that only 29% of the instructors believed that(More)
The generation of stable buoyant fireballs in a microwave cavity in air at atmospheric pressure without the use of vaporized solids is described. These fireballs have some of the characteristics of ball lightning and resemble those reported by Dikhtyar and Jerby [Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 045002 (2006)], although of a different color, and do not require the(More)