Karl Blümlinger

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This paper describes the object life-cycle management in the Dinopolis middleware system. Advanced object composition is used to support adaptability and extensibility of the running system. Such a high degree of flexibility requires mechanisms to keep objects and the entire system in a consistent state. We show that a fine-grained definition of the object(More)
This paper describes the interface between an application and the core module of the Dinopolis distributed object framework. It shows the advantages of using dynamic proxies for all objects that are passed from the core of the system to the application and why special care has to be taken for objects that are passed from the application to the core. It is(More)
All success is rooted either in luck or failure. If you begin with luck, you learn nothing but arrogance. However, if you begin with failure and learn to evaluate it, you also learn to succeed. Failure begets knowledge. Out of knowledge you gain wisdom, and it is with wisdom that you can become truly successful. – Festlegung der Projekterfordernisse –(More)
Acknowledgments I would like to thank Klaus Schmaranz and Heimo Haub who urged me to finish my studies. Special thanks to Prof. Hermann Maurer who supports the whole Dinopolis team. I also want to thank the readers of this work, Christof Dallermassl and, once again, Klaus Schmaranz. Greetings to the developers of Linux and LaTeX who enabled me to write this(More)
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