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The " success " of a Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) project has often been evaluated through the number of commits made to its configuration management system, number of developers and number of users. Based on Source-Forge, most studies have concluded that the vast majority of projects are failures. This paper argues that the relative success of a(More)
Astrocytes appear star-shaped in the brain, increasingly so after injury. When astroglia are cultured in serum-containing medium, they exhibit a flat, fibroblast-like morphology. In serum-free medium, astrocytes become stellate, with many long processes. The serine protease alpha-thrombin mimics the effects of serum at subnanomolar concentrations, whereas(More)
This paper describes the social practice of distributed party programming as a natural extension of pair programming in a distributed context with two or more software developers working together. To this end we provide an overview of the Eclipse plug-in Saros, a software implementation supporting this practice, and explain its technical architecture. The(More)
Past software engineering literature has firmly established that software architectures and the associated code decay over time. Architectural decay is, potentially, a major issue in Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects,since developers sporadically joining FLOSS projects do not always have a clear understanding of the underlying architecture,(More)
Enforcing adherence to standards in software development in order to produce high quality software artefacts has long been recognised as best practice in traditional software engineering. In a distributed heterogeneous development environment such those found within the Open Source paradigm, coding standards are informally shared and adhered to by(More)
Saros is an Eclipse plugin for multi-writer, real-time, distributed collaborative text editing that also includes VoIP, chat, whiteboard, and screen sharing functionality. We present four problematic issues we encountered in the development of Saros: Providing portability, choosing a metaphor, handling clashes in display markups, and attributing(More)
With this work, a whiteboard feature for Saros, an Eclipse plug-in for Distributed Pair Programming (DPP) is to be provided. Thus in this chapter, first there is a brief introduction to agile software development whereof Pair Programming (PP) is one of its methods, latter about PP in a distributed context, current research and existing tools, to finally(More)
This study characterizes a common antigen recognized by two monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) that immunoreact with the principal piece of the human sperm flagellum. By means of immunofluorescence microscopy, mAbs S69 (IgM) and S70 (IgG1) (WHO Task-force nomenclature) were observed to bind to the principal piece of methanol- or detergent-permeabilized human(More)
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