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Sustaining participation in design is difficult, especially in neighborhoods that seek change consistent with their cultural values. Participatory Design offers several approaches (e.g. infrastructuring) that help to balance the sensibilities of urban planning with the immediacies of design. This paper investigates the distinctive value of a "constellation"(More)
BACKGROUND Malignant melanoma is an aggressive type of skin cancer with high risk for metastasis and chemoresistance. Disruption of tightly regulated processes such as cell cycle, cell adhesion, cell differentiation and cell death are predominant in melanoma development. So far, conventional treatment options have been insufficient to treat metastatic(More)
This learning workshop will prototype and advance theory around the participatory design of hybrid games. In contrast to screen-centered games, our platform makes it easier to repurpose ordinary urban objects -- from aging payphones to experimental bus stop displays. The resulting games are hybrids, where the action is alternately woven across the digital(More)
By the last day of instruction of the third quarter of the second year, the completed thesis project and paper must have been presented and submitted to the Thesis Committee in an oral defense. By the last day of the third quarter of the second year, documentation of the thesis project and paper must be delivered to Program Manager. By the last day of the(More)
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