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Grassed waterways (GWWs) drain surface runoff from fields without gullying along the drainageway. Secondary functions include reducing runoff volume and velocity and retaining sediments and harmful substances from adjacent fields. Grass cover (sward)-damaging sedimentation in the GWW is commonly reduced by frequent mowing, but in doing so the effectiveness(More)
Invasions of Ponto-Caspian gobiid fishes are suspected to cause regime shifts in freshwater ecosystems. This study compared the trophic niche differentiations of Neogobius melanostomus and Ponticola kessleri in the upper Danube River using stable isotope analyses (δ13C and δ15N), gut content analyses and morphometric analyses of the digestive tract. Both(More)
Recently a rainfall erosivity map has been published. We show that the values of this map contain considerable bias because (i) the temporal resolution of the rain data was insufficient, which likely underestimates rain erosivity by about 20%, (ii) no attempt had been included to account for the different time periods that were used for different countries,(More)
The nitrogen isotope composition (δ¹⁵N) of different amino acids carries different dietary information. We hypothesized that transamination and de novo synthesis create three groups that largely explain their dietary information. Rats were fed with ¹⁵N-labeled amino acids. The redistribution of the dietary ¹⁵N labels among the muscular amino acids was(More)
On-the-god atac ollectiony ieldss patially referenced informationa ta sub-fields calet hati sneeded form anyapplications like precision farming. Aspa-tialoffset occurs betweens ensorand position measurements if theG PS-antenna is not placed on topo ft he sensor.T oc orrect fors ucha no ffset,w ep resent ak ine-matic modelt hata ccountsf or them echanisms(More)
Carbon and nitrogen isotope signatures (delta(13)C and delta(15)N) of animal tissues provide information about the diet and, hence, the environment in which the animals are living. Hair is particularly useful as it provides a stable archive of temporal (e.g. seasonal) fluctuations in diet isotope composition. It can be sampled easily and with minimal(More)
Injection-induced pain during induction of anaesthesia can result in patient's discomfort. This can prevent the use of propofol-anaesthesia in paediatric patients. Because of the high incidence of pain on injection with propofol numerous interventions have been tested to prevent this pain including the use of different drugs and physical measures as well as(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was an improvement in patient comfort, reduction of anaesthesia costs and room contamination by the use of propofol for adenoidectomy. METHODS A total of 103 infants (aged 1-5 years) undergoing elective adenoidectomy were randomized for anaesthesia with sevoflurane-nitrous oxide/oxygen (group 1), sevoflurane-air/alfentanil(More)
Variation in the computation of slope from digital elevation data can result in significantly different slope values and can, in turn, lead to widely varying estimates of environmental phenomena such as soil erosion that are highly dependent on slope. Ten methods of computing slope from distributed elevation data, utilizing capabilities inherent in five(More)
The hyporheic zone in stream ecosystems is a heterogeneous key habitat for species across many taxa. Consequently, it attracts high attention among freshwater scientists, but generally applicable guidelines on sampling strategies are lacking. Thus, the objective of this study was to develop and validate such sampling guidelines. Applying geostatistical(More)