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A cis-9,trans-11-conjugated linoleic acid-rich oil reduces the outcome of atherogenic process in hyperlipidemic hamster.
Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) mixtures demonstrated antiatherogenic properties in several animal models, including hamsters, but the mechanism of action of the main food-derived CLA isomer isExpand
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Antipsychotic drug action on SREBPs-related lipogenesis and cholesterogenesis in primary rat hepatocytes
The use of some of antipsychotic drugs (APDs) in humans has been hampered by the induction of metabolic disorders such as weight gain, dyslipidemia, and diabetes. In primary rat hepatocytes, weExpand
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The natural concentration of the conjugated linoleic acid, cis-9,trans-11, in milk fat has antiatherogenic effects in hyperlipidemic hamsters.
Milk fat is usually considered to be proatherogenic, although its fatty acid composition can vary, due mainly to farming conditions. No study has evaluated whether such variation can modify theExpand
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Complete stereospecific determination of conjugated linoleic acids in triacylglycerol of milk-fat.
We analyzed two kinds of dairy fat differing in their contents of cis9, trans11-conjugated linoleic acid (cis9,trans 11-CLA or rumenic acid), and determined the positional distribution of thisExpand
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Conjugated linoleic acids: all the same or to everyone its own function?
Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a generic term referring to a mixture of geometrical and positional isomers of linoleic acid in which up to 16 members have been identified. Many potentiallyExpand
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Les CLA peuvent-ils prévenir l’athérogenèse ?
The anti-atherogenic properties of CLA are now illustrated in many animal studies (Rabbit, Mice and Hamster) or cell culture experiments. These properties can be observed while using either the CLAExpand
Modulation du métabolisme du cholestérol et du risque athéromateux par l'acide ruménique de la matière grasse laitière chez le hamster
Les acides linoleiques conjugues ou ALC representent une famille d'isomeres positionnels et geometriques de l'acide linoleique, d'origine naturelle et/ou synthetique, domines generalement par deuxExpand
2H-pyridazin derivatives-3-ones, their preparation and their use as inhibitors of SCD-1
. Compounds of general formula (I) ** ** Formula wherein - R1 represents one or more groups selected from: trifluoromethyl, halogen, C1-C4 linear or branched, nitro, trifluoromethoxy, acetyl alkyl. -Expand
2h pyridazin-3-ones derivatives, their preparation and their application in human therapeutics
The present invention relates to compounds of general formula (I) characterized in that, in particular: - R represents one or more groups such as: trifluoromethyl, halogen such as F, Cl, -when n = mExpand