Karine Isoird

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Numerous techniques have been used to improve the voltage handling capability of high voltage power devices with the aim to obtain the breakdown of a plane junction. In this work, a new concept of low cost, low surface and high efficiency junction termination for power devices is presented and experimentally validated. This termination is based on a large(More)
The present 14 Volts automotive electrical system will soon become 42 Volts. For these future automotive applications, development of 80 Volts power MOSFETs exhibiting low on-resistance is desired. The "floating island" MOSFET (FLIMOSFET) is one of the new candidates to break the silicon limit, which is the "specific on-resistance / breakdown voltage"(More)
The integration of passive components on silicon for future DC-DC converters applications is still a challenging area of research. This paper focuses on integrated 3D capacitors with high capacitance density fabricated with microfabrication techniques on silicon and in particular DRIE. The fabricated prototypes were characterised: a capacitance density(More)
Power GaN HEMT components offer very interesting performances (high voltage, high current, low on-resistance, fast switching), but the GaN material has some “defects” that can lead to carrier trapping, which induces dynamic electrical phenomena. Thereby, static measurement of the GaN HEMT components requires some reconsideration. In this work,(More)
We have fabricated and simulated a p-type diamond Schottky diode on homoepitaxial CVD diamond. First simulations of the device under development are presented. These simulations are performed on SENTAURUS TCAD. Then, technologic steps needed to carry out the experimental device are described. From C-V measurements, the B-acceptors concentration and the(More)
New field plate architecture is applied to pseudo vertical diamond Schottky diode. New topology structure has been proposed and simulated using Sentaurus TCAD simulation in order to minimize the maximum electric field in the dielectric at high voltage operation. Firstly and after simple variations in the field plate architecture, the breakdown voltage was(More)
In high current, high voltage, high temperature (T>125°C) power applications, commercially available conventional silicon thyristors are not suited because they present high leakage current. In this context, this paper presents a high symmetrical (voltage) thyristor structure that presents a lower leakage current and higher breakover voltage as compared to(More)
In this paper, a high voltage thyristor structure using Schottky contacts on the anode side is analysed through 2D physical simulations in terms of switching performances. The replacement of the P emitter of a standard symmetrical thyristor by a judicious association of P diffusions and Schottky contacts at the anode side contributes to the reduction of the(More)