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Electrophysiological and neuroanatomical evidence for reciprocal connections with the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) and the hippocampus make the reuniens and rhomboid (ReRh) thalamic nuclei a putatively major functional link for regulations of cortico-hippocampal interactions. In a first experiment using a new water escape device for rodents, the double-H(More)
The formation of enduring declarative-like memories engages a dialog between the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex (PFC). Electrophysiological and neuroanatomical evidence for reciprocal connections with both of these structures makes the reuniens and rhomboid nuclei (ReRh) of the thalamus a major functional link between the PFC and hippocampus. Using(More)
Study on simultaneous O2 supply/uptake relationships in liver and gut during endotoxaemia, to determine whether signs of dysoxia develop uniformly in the splanchnic region. Animal study to assess the early effects of endotoxaemia on oxygenation of both liver and small intestine. Eight anaesthetized pigs received a continuous portal venous infusion of(More)
Positive pressure ventilation is associated with a reduction and redistribution of cardiac output. Splanchnic blood flow is decreased. Blood supply of the liver is reduced exceeding the fall in cardiac output. As a result oxygen transport to the mesenteric bed and liver is curtailed. There is a concomitant impairment of hepatic venous outflow. These(More)
INTRODUCTION The results of clinical studies have raised doubts on the effectiveness of regional sympathetic blocks with guanethidine (IVRSB) in patients suffering from complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). We conducted a retrospective analysis of long-term results in our patients and searched for possible factors predicting long-term outcome after IVRSB:(More)
During the past 5 years we have seen 10 patients who had developed sclerosing lipogranuloma of the lid and orbit after endonasal sinus surgery with subsequent ipsilateral monocular haematoma. The histopathological examination of all and the additional nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic examination of four surgical specimens in combination with the(More)
BACKGROUND Primary ventricular arrhythmias are rarely seen in children. Some of them have a poor prognosis; they should be diagnosed because adequate treatment can prevent sudden death. POPULATION AND METHODS Twenty children (11 male, nine female), aged 3 to 16 years (mean: 7.7 +/- 4), with apparently normal hearts and normal QTc intervals were referred(More)
Wistar-Lewis rats were anesthetized anc connected to a 3-MHz nebulizer which aerosolized 250 muCi l-alpha-1-palmitoyl-2palmitoyl-[9-10-3H]phosphatidylcholine ([3H]DPL) for 3 min. Appleton frozen-section autoradiographs showed greater than 4 times background radioactivity in approximately 30% of alveoli at 1 min and 2 h after aerosol. As tritium content in(More)
OBJECTIVE There is growing evidence that, in high-grade internal carotid artery (ICA) stenosis, continuous fibrous cap thinning is not mandatory for plaque rupture and symptom development. The possibility that smooth muscle cell (SMC) apoptosis is involved in loss of fibrous cap volume has only been examined in a limited number of patients with high grade(More)