Karine Dumesnil

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Using resonant magnetic x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy, we show that the domains of a spiral antiferromagnet enter a jammed state at the onset of long-range order. We find that the slow thermal fluctuations of the domain walls exhibit a compressed exponential relaxation with an exponent of 1.5 found in a wide variety of solidlike jammed systems and(More)
Organic multiferroic tunnel junctions based on La0.6 Sr0.4 MnO3 /poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF)/Co structures are fabricated. The tunneling magneto-resistance sign can be changed by electrically switching the ferroelectric polarization of PVDF barrier. It is demonstrated that the spin-polarization of the PVDF/Co spinterface can be actively controlled by(More)
Below its ordering temperature (TN = 90 K), bulk bcc Eu has a helical magnetic state with propagation vectors along the three equivalent 〈100〉 directions. In contrast, epitaxial (110)Eu films exhibit a unique magnetic ordering : the domain with a magnetic helix propagating along the in-plane [001] direction vanishes on cooling, at the expense of other(More)
The propagation of Nd long range magnetic order in the hexagonal and cubic sublattices has been investigated in double hexagonal compact Nd/Sm(001) superlattices by resonant x-ray magnetic scattering at the Nd L(2) absorption edge. For a superlattice with 3.7 nm thick Sm layers, the magnetic structure of the hexagonal sublattice propagates coherently(More)
We present a temperature and fluence dependent Ultrafast X-Ray Diffraction study of a laser-heated antiferromagnetic dysprosium thin film. The loss of antiferromagnetic order is evidenced by a pronounced lattice contraction. We devise a method to determine the energy flow between the phonon and spin system from calibrated Bragg peak positions in thermal(More)
We report on magnetic and magnetoelastic measurements for a 5000 Å (110) SmFe(2) thin film, which was successfully analyzed by means of a point charge model for describing the effect of the epitaxial growth in this kind of system. Some of the main conclusions of the Mössbauer and magnetoelastic results and the new magnetization results up to 5 T allow us to(More)
The influence of Pt thickness on the interface structure (roughness / intermixing) and magnetic properties has been investigated for (Co / Pt) multilayers sputtered on a Pt or a thin oxide (MgO or AlO x ) buffer layer. When Pt thickness increases from 1.2 nm-2.2 nm, we observe that the effective anisotropy increases with the Pt thickness, simultaneously(More)
Bulk Sm(1-x)Gd(x)Al(2) (0.01<x<0.035) compound exhibits an exciting magnetic property: its magnetization drops to zero at a compensation temperature T(comp) while it maintains a long range ferromagnetic order. We achieved recently the first epitaxial growth of (111)Sm(1-x)Gd(x)Al(2) films by molecular beam epitaxy. Macroscopic magnetization measurements(More)
The effect of the thermo-magnetic preparation on exchange bias is investigated in an exchange-coupled [3 nm DyFe(2)/12 nmYFe(2)](22) superlattice. X-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD) experiments at low temperature reveal that exchange bias originates from the quenched DyFe(2) magnetization, biasing the unpinned YFe(2) reversal. This quenched(More)
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