Karine Dubourg

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An anaerobic, thermophilic, filamentous (0.45 × >100 µm) bacterium, designated D1-25-10-4(T), was isolated from a deep hot aquifer in France. Cells were non-motile and Gram-negative. Growth was observed at 43-65 °C (optimum 55 °C), at pH 6.8-7.8 (optimum pH 7.0) and with 0-5 g NaCl l(-1) (optimum 0 g NaCl l(-1)). Strain D1-25-10-4(T) was a chemo-organotroph(More)
Currently, models for studying Legionella pneumophila biofilm formation rely on multi-species biofilms with low reproducibility or on growth in rich medium, where planktonic growth is unavoidable. The present study describes a new medium adapted to the growth of L. pneumophila monospecies biofilms in vitro. A microplate model was used to test several media.(More)
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