Karine Bibeau

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During development, the risk of developing mesial temporal lobe epilepsy (MTLE) increases when the developing brain is exposed to more than one insult in early life. Early life insults include abnormalities of cortical development, hypoxic-ischemic injury and prolonged febrile seizures. To study epileptogenesis, we have developed a two-hit model of MTLE(More)
Sodium supplementation given for 1 wk to nonpregnant rats induces changes that are adequate to maintain renal and circulatory homeostasis as well as arterial blood pressure. However, in pregnant rats, proteinuria, fetal growth restriction, and placental oxidative stress are observed. Moreover, the decrease in blood pressure and expansion of circulatory(More)
Lower maternal plasma volume expansion was found in idiopathic intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) but the link remains to be elucidated. An animal model of IUGR was developed by giving a low-sodium diet to rats over the last week of gestation. This treatment prevents full expansion of maternal circulating volume and the increase in uterine artery(More)
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