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CD8(+) T cells are important effectors, as well as regulators, of organ-specific autoimmunity. Compared with Tc1-type CD8(+) cells, Tc2 cells have impaired anti-viral and anti-tumor effector functions, although no data are yet available on their pathogenic role in autoimmunity. Our aim was to explore the role of autoreactive Tc1 and Tc2 cells in autoimmune(More)
Hypoxia induces vasoconstriction of pulmonary arteries through contraction of smooth muscle cells (SMCs). The GTPase RhoA regulates smooth muscle contractility and actin cytoskeletal remodeling through the Rho-associated kinase (ROCK). We previously found that the postnatal fall in pulmonary vascular resistance was associated with actin cytoskeletal(More)
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