Karina Silina

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Measurements of antibodies in bodily fluids (e.g., by ELISA) have provided robust and reproducible results for decades and such assays have been validated for monitoring of B-cell immunity. In contrast, measuring T-cell immunity has proven to be a challenge due to the need to test live cells in functional assays ex vivo. Several previous efforts looking(More)
Immune cells in the tumor microenvironment modulate cancer progression and are attractive therapeutic targets. Macrophages and T cells are key components of the microenvironment, yet their phenotypes and relationships in this ecosystem and to clinical outcomes are ill defined. We used mass cytometry with extensive antibody panels to perform in-depth immune(More)
In the context of cancer, naïve T cells are insufficiently primed and become progressively dysfunctional. Boosting antitumor responses by blocking PD-1 or CTLA-4 results in durable clinical responses only in a limited proportion of cancer patients, suggesting that other pathways must be targeted to improve clinical efficacy. Our preclinical study in TRAMP(More)
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