Karina Rodríguez

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The developmental potential of an embryo is dependent on the developmental potential of the oocyte from which it originates. The process of oocyte maturation is critical for the efficient application of biotechnologies such as in vitro embryo production and mammalian cloning. However, the overall efficiency of in vitro maturation remains low because oocytes(More)
The manufacturing competitive environment has intensified in recent years. In this environment, companies do not possess all the knowledge they need but instead rely on other organizations. This results in the need of distance product development, which in turn requires information and knowledge in the place, time and format required. In response to this(More)
Nowadays, the globalization of the manufacturing enterprises requires collaboration across frontiers. In order to attain effective collaboration, the information about the product life cycle must be captured and administrated in a way that supports the decision taken during the product development. In this context, the manufacturing process information(More)
ZFP36L2 protein destabilizes AU-rich element-containing transcripts and has been implicated in female fertility. In the C57BL/6NTac mouse, a mutation in Zfp36l2 that results in the decreased expression of a form of ZFP36L2 in which the 29 N-terminal amino acid residues have been deleted, ΔN-ZFP36L2, leads to fertilized eggs that arrest at the two-cell(More)
BACKGROUND Mice exposed to high levels of arsenic in utero have increased susceptibility to tumors such as hepatic and pulmonary carcinomas when they reach adulthood. However, the effects of in utero arsenic exposure on general physiological functions such as reproduction and metabolism remain unclear. OBJECTIVES We evaluated the effects of in utero(More)
In cultured cumulus oocyte complexes (COC), FSH induces gene transcription required for germinal vesicle breakdown (GVBD). Experiments were performed to determine the critical period when gene transcription is required for GVBD and to identify candidate mRNAs involved. Experiment I: murine COC were cultured 4 h in the presence of FSH with(More)
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