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The size and orientation of calcium carbonate crystals influence the structure and strength of the eggshells of chickens. In this study, estimates of heritability were found to be high (0.6) for crystal size and moderate (0.3) for crystal orientation. There was a strong positive correlation (0.65) for crystal size and orientation with the thickness of the(More)
The M protein is an important surface-located virulence factor of Streptococcus pyogenes, the group A streptococcus (GAS). Expression of M protein is primarily controlled by Mga, a transcriptional activator protein. A recent report suggested that the sag locus, which includes nine genes necessary and sufficient for production of streptolysin S, another GAS(More)
BACKGROUND Egg white must provide nutrients and protection to the developing avian embryo. One way in which this is achieved is an arsenal of antimicrobial proteins and peptides which are essentially extensions of the innate immune system. Gallin is a recently identified member of a family of peptides that are found in egg white. The function of this(More)
Persistent rejection in the face of treatment and multiple episodes of rejection are associated with the development of chronic rejection and graft loss in solid organ transplantation. The factors that create an environment for rejection that persists in the face of treatment are as yet not understood. The objective of this study was to evaluate the risk(More)
The cuticle is a proteinaceous layer covering the avian egg and is believed to form a defence to microorganism ingress. In birds that lay eggs in challenging environments, the cuticle is thicker, suggesting evolutionary pressure; however, in poultry, selection pressure for this trait has been removed because of artificial incubation. This study aimed to(More)
Venous blood lead values for 2,633 children aged 0-4 years in Syracuse, New York, collected between 1 April 1992 and 31 March 1993 were summarised by census tract for study of geographic variability. A demographic exposure model is presented showing housing stock and SES (socioeconomic status) parameters as the most significant predictor variables. A(More)
A monoclonal antibody-based immunofluorescence test for the detection of Pneumocystis carinii was evaluated in comparison with the conventional direct staining by Grocott's silver methenamine technique. A total of 254 respiratory samples from HIV positive and other immunocompromised patients were examined. Cysts were detected in 30 (12%) of samples using(More)
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