Karina L. Mine

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Although human papillomavirus was identified as an aetiological factor in cervical cancer, the key human gene drivers of this disease remain unknown. Here we apply an unbiased approach integrating gene expression and chromosomal aberration data. In an independent group of patients, we reconstruct and validate a gene regulatory meta-network, and identify(More)
BACKGROUND DAPfinder and DAPview are novel BRB-ArrayTools plug-ins to construct gene coexpression networks and identify significant differences in pairwise gene-gene coexpression between two phenotypes. RESULTS Each significant difference in gene-gene association represents a Differentially Associated Pair (DAP). Our tools include several choices of(More)
Gene BLOCKIN BLOCKIN covariation BLOCKIN BLOCKIN networks BLOCKIN BLOCKIN are BLOCKIN BLOCKIN commonly BLOCKIN BLOCKIN used BLOCKIN BLOCKIN to BLOCKIN BLOCKIN study BLOCKIN BLOCKIN biological BLOCKIN BLOCKIN processes. BLOCKIN BLOCKIN The inference of gene covariation networks from observational data can be challenging, especially considering the large(More)
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