Karina Kober

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In plants, autophagy has been assigned 'pro-death' and 'pro-survival' roles in controlling programmed cell death associated with microbial effector-triggered immunity. The role of autophagy in basal immunity to virulent pathogens has not been addressed systematically, however. Using several autophagy-deficient (atg) genotypes, we determined the function of(More)
Circling behavior in animals lesioned unilaterally in one striatum with 6-hydroxydopamine is widely used to test pharmacological compounds with dopaminergic activity. Although automated techniques employed to record this behavior have previously been reported, most of these methods either limit the movement of the animal or are less reliable for various(More)
Monoclonal antibodies directed to the B-cell-specific CD20-antigen are successfully used for the treatment of lymphomas and autoimmune diseases. Here, we compare the anti-B-cell activity of three different antibodies directed to CD20: (i) a chimeric, monospecific antibody, (ii) an Fc-optimized variant thereof, and (iii) a bispecific CD20×CD95-antibody in a(More)
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