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Twenty-nine horses were vaccinated with a trivalent (Venezuelan, eastern, and western) inactivated equine encephalomyelitis virus vaccine. The vaccine purchased for this study was the only one licensed and commercially available in May, 1975. Plaque-neutralizing and hemagglutinin-inhibiting antibodies in response to each of the 3 equine encephalomyelitis(More)
An early drug discovery approach focusing on gene families can benefit from strategies that exploit common signaling mechanisms to more effectively identify and characterize novel chemical lead structures. Multiplexing, defined as the screening of multiple targets within the same experiment, is an example of this strategy. Here, the authors describe a(More)
When formalin-sterilized dialyzers were rinsed by our standard technique (similar to that used in many other dialysis centres) undesirable concentrations of formaldehyde were found in the dialyzers at the start of dialysis. When the technique was modified by passing part of the saline through the blood compartment immediately before connection and(More)
The therapeutic efficacy of tacrine, atropine and glycopyrrolate alone or in combination with the oxime HI-6 against soman was evaluated in anaesthetized rats. Arterial blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory frequency and body temperature were monitored in vivo. Blood cholinesterases were determined after each drug or soman challenge. At the lowest(More)
  • K Lewis
  • 1994
In summary, it is essential and beneficial for long-term care facilities to seek help from ombudsmen during all phases of investigation related to resident/facility conflict. This vital relationship helps create more humanized institutions that are committed to residents' involvement in the total life of the facility, and to help residents pursue their(More)
INTRODUCTION Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a prevalent upper limb condition that results in significant individual and socioeconomic costs. Large patient numbers, long outpatient waiting times and traditional referral pathways in public health systems create delays in accessing treatment for this condition. Alternative care pathways aimed at streamlining(More)
Use of formalin to sterilize dialyzers is known to be responsible for the formation of anti-N-like antibody in long-term hemodialysis patients. Patients dialyzed as in-patients using formalin were found to be completely free of anti-N-like antibody, while among those on home dialysis, there was a high prevalence (31%) and incidence. The hospital patients(More)
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