Karina Elena Bernardis Bühler

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The performance of very low birth weight preterm infants, in terms of cognition and expressive language, was analyzed and compared with that of term infants with the Protocol for Expressive Language and Cognition Development Observation (PELCDO). The study involved 12 very low birth weight preterm infants and 20 term infants, all of whom were evaluated(More)
Despite intensive research in recent decades, the search for the aetiopathogenesis of psychiatric diseases is just as relevant as ever. In recent years, ideas of the aetiopathogenesis of psychotic diseases based on the concept of "vulnerability" in its diverse variations and developments have been gained increasingly ground. The publications of Zubin and(More)
BACKGROUND Objective and systematized analysis of cognitive and expressive language development. AIM To characterize expressive language and cognitive development considering the diversity and complexity of children's productions. METHOD This study involved 20 subjects (10 male and 10 female), who were adequate for gestational age and birth weight and(More)
This article deals with Pierre Janet's concept of "Psychological Analysis" (analyse psychologique). It brings out Janet's criticism of Sigmund Freud's ideas, and delineates the difference between psychological analysis (Janet) and psychoanalysis (Freud). Further it points out that Janet's theories on the pathogenesis of neurotic disorders rely on the(More)
BACKGROUND First, this study aims to investigate the reliability of biographical and personality data, i.e. analysing the impact of depressive mood on these variables. Second, the influence of early life experience and personality on the reporting of life events was examined. METHODS Self-reporting questionnaires were administered for a sample of 250(More)
Data from three life event studies are compared. The interviews covered events that occurred within a period of 2 years before interview. The same inventory was used in each of the studies. Samples were drawn from depressives, myocardial infarction patients and an industrial worker population. The patient groups were interviewed twice within 4 weeks. Fewer(More)
The concise curriculum vitae of the founder of existential analysis is followed by an introduction to the five stages of the development of that psychotherapy: the stage of learning, of practice, of criticism, of the alternative to psychoanalysis and of reconciliation. The criticism aimed especially at Freud's naturalism and at the concept of drive. These(More)
The group work initiated by Michael Balint aims at a comprehensive understanding of the doctor-patient-relationship and a patient-centered medicine. In a review of the literature some studies are presented, which focus on results of Balint work and changes in the participants of this group method. An empirical study of 436 physicians in Unterfranken shows(More)
The influence of achievement-motivation on hypertonia was investigated by a psychometric questionnaire for achievement-motivation with four scales: achievement-motivation, steadiness and diligence, positive examination-anxiety and negative examination-anxiety. The sample of 53 persons was drawn by chance out of an unbiased set of hypertonic patients. Mean(More)
Facial skeletal malformations may not only lead to impaired function, but also diminish psychosocial well-being. Negative social experiences often arise from stereotyped character judgments such as those connected with the profile of the jaw. In this study, 146 orthodontic patients aged between nine and 14 years and student control subjects judged(More)