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Two RNAs (4.5SH and 4.5SI) with unknown functions share a number of features: short length (about 100 nt), transcription by RNA polymerase III, predominately nuclear localization, the presence in various tissues, and relatively narrow taxonomic distribution (4 and 3 rodent families, respectively). It was reported that 4.5SH RNA turns over rapidly, whereas(More)
4.5SH and 4.5SI RNA are two abundant small non-coding RNAs specific for several related rodent families including Muridae. These RNAs have a number of common characteristics such as the short length (about 100nt), transcription by RNA polymerase III, and origin from Short Interspersed Elements (SINEs). However, their stabilities in cells substantially(More)
IL2RA gene encodes the alpha subunit of a high-affinity receptor for interleukin-2 which is expressed by several distinct populations of lymphocytes involved in autoimmune processes. A large number of polymorphic alleles of the IL2RA locus are associated with the development of various autoimmune diseases. With bioinformatics analysis we the dissected the(More)
We studied the properties of human skin fibroblast in filamentous polyglycolic microtransplant. Fibroblast adhesion to the microtransplant filaments is followed by the formation of a network cross-linked with fibroblasts. The cells rapidly proliferate during the first few days; after transfer of the microtransplant to the standard culture flask, the cells(More)
Studying the structure, functions, and cell physiology of small RNAs remains important. The 4.5SI and 4.5SH small RNAs, which were among the first to be discovered and sequenced, share several features, i.e., they are both approximately 100 nt in size, are synthesized by RNA polymerase III, and are found only in rodents of several related families. Genes(More)
4.5SI and 4.5SH are two non-coding RNAs about 100nt long, synthesized by RNA polymerase III in cells of various rodents including mice, rats, and hamsters. The first RNA is long-lived whereas the half-life of the second is only 20min. We previously found that the 16bp double-stranded structure (stem), formed by 4.5SI RNA termini, contributes essentially to(More)
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