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A multisubunit cohesin complex holds sister chromatids together after DNA replication. Using chromatin immunoprecipitation, we detected cohesin association with centromeres and with discrete sites along chromosome arms from S phase until metaphase in S. cerevisiae. Short DNA sequences (130-280 bp) are sufficient to confer cohesin association. Cohesin(More)
In yeast, resolution of chiasmata in meiosis I requires proteolytic cleavage along chromosome arms of cohesin's Rec8 subunit by separase. Since activation of separase by the anaphase-promoting complex (APC/C) is supposedly not required for meiosis I in Xenopus oocytes, it has been suggested that animal cells might resolve chiasmata by a separase-independent(More)
Separase is a protease whose liberation from its inhibitory chaperone Securin triggers sister chromatid disjunction at anaphase onset in yeast by cleaving cohesin's kleisin subunit. We have created conditional knockout alleles of the mouse Separase and Securin genes. Deletion of both copies of Separase but not Securin causes embryonic lethality. Loss of(More)
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