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A multisubunit cohesin complex holds sister chromatids together after DNA replication. Using chromatin immunoprecipitation, we detected cohesin association with centromeres and with discrete sites along chromosome arms from S phase until metaphase in S. cerevisiae. Short DNA sequences (130-280 bp) are sufficient to confer cohesin association. Cohesin(More)
In yeast, resolution of chiasmata in meiosis I requires proteolytic cleavage along chromosome arms of cohesin's Rec8 subunit by separase. Since activation of separase by the anaphase-promoting complex (APC/C) is supposedly not required for meiosis I in Xenopus oocytes, it has been suggested that animal cells might resolve chiasmata by a separase-independent(More)
Separase is a protease whose liberation from its inhibitory chaperone Securin triggers sister chromatid disjunction at anaphase onset in yeast by cleaving cohesin's kleisin subunit. We have created conditional knockout alleles of the mouse Separase and Securin genes. Deletion of both copies of Separase but not Securin causes embryonic lethality. Loss of(More)
Key to faithful genetic inheritance is the cohesion between sister centromeres that physically links replicated sister chromatids and is then abruptly lost at the onset of anaphase. Misregulated cohesion causes aneuploidy, birth defects and perhaps initiates cancers. Loss of centromere cohesion is controlled by the spindle checkpoint and is thought to(More)
Loss of centromere cohesion during anaphase in human cells is regulated by the spindle assembly checkpoint and is thought to depend on a ubiquitin ligase, the Anaphase Promoting Complex/Cyclosome (APC). APC-Cdc20 adds ubiquitin chains to securin inducing its destruction by the proteasome and these events correlate with the loss of sister chromatid cohesion(More)
The anaphase-promoting complex or cyclosome (APC/C) is an ubiquitin protein ligase that together with Cdc20 and Cdh1 targets mitotic proteins for degradation by the proteosome. APC-Cdc20 activity during mitosis triggers anaphase by destroying securin and cyclins. APC-Cdh1 promotes degradation of cyclins and other proteins during G(1). We show that loss of(More)
Nach unseren Versuchen erhöhen die biogenen Amine bevorzugt die Geschwindigkeit des Druckanstieges bzw. der Spannungsentwicklung. Im Gegensatz hierzu erhöhen Digitoxigenin, Calciumchlorid oder K+-Entzugdp/dt bzw.dT/dt max. prozentual nur ebenso stark wie den systolischen Spitzendruck bzw. die Kontraktionskraft. Der beobachtete pharmakodynamische Unterschied(More)
In order to determine the influence of complete blockage of lymph flow on temporary ischemic liver damage, we operated on 46 mongrel dogs. In group 1, we induced liver ischemia in 4 dogs for 60 min by occlusion of the afferent hepatic vessels (hepatic artery and portal vein), subsequent to portal decompression by a portocaval H-shunt. In group 2, we carried(More)