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Recent research has indicated that neuroenhancement (NE), the use of legal or illegal drugs by healthy individuals to improve their cognitive performance, is widely practiced among students in both the United States and Germany. The primary objective of this study was to identify the motives for and beliefs regarding the benefits and risks of practicing NE(More)
BACKGROUND Passive exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is estimated to exert a major burden of disease. Currently, numerous countries have taken legal actions to protect the population against ETS. Numerous studies have been conducted in this field. Therefore, scientometric methods should be used to analyze the accumulated data since there is no(More)
BACKGROUND The connection between overweight and health risks has been known since the beginning of the 19th century. In order to define overweight, the "body mass index" (BMI) in kg/m (2) was introduced. METHODS The present study evaluates the quantity and quality of the published literature available, and its changes over the years. Basic bibliographic(More)
BACKGROUND A growing number of German hospitals have been privatized with the intention of increasing cost effectiveness and improving the quality of health care. Numerous studies investigated what possible qualitative and economic consequences these changes issues might have on patient care.However, little is known about how this privatization trend(More)
Dealing with work-related stress is highly prevalent for employees in Gynecology Medicine. Junior physicians, in particular, have to face high working demands and challenges while starting their medical career after graduation. Job resources (i.e., social support) and personal resources (coping skills) might reduce job strain. The evidence for supportive(More)
Over the last decades, surgeons, researchers, and health administrators have been working hard to define standards for high-quality treatment and care in Surgery departments. However, it is unclear whether patients’ perceptions of medical treatment and care are related and affected by surgeons’ perceptions of their working conditions and job satisfaction.(More)
Surveys of pediatricians in Germany report low levels of job satisfaction. Preferably, such subjective reports should be corroborated by objective data regarding physicians' working conditions. However, such data in the field of pediatrics could not be found in the scientific literature. The aim of the present observational field study was to collect exact(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES As interest in doctors' work in Germany has increased over the last few years, this study determines how doctors spend their work time in emergency departments. The study also provides information on patient load and working conditions in emergency units. METHODS AND MATERIAL An observational time-and-motion study was carried out(More)
AIMS Due to recent changes in national health policy and a subsequent increase in clinicians' workload, medical residents in Germany feel that the growing burden of documentation duties leaves too little time for direct patient care. Thus, to describe the daily workflow in cardiology wards with more accuracy, this real-time observational study detailed all(More)