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CONTEXT Athletes at different skill levels perform strenuous physical activity at high altitude for a variety of reasons. Multiple team and endurance events are held at high altitude and may place athletes at increased risk for developing acute high altitude illness (AHAI). Training at high altitude has been a routine part of preparation for some of the(More)
Serum biomarkers fluctuate as a result of running marathons, but their changes during ultramarathons have not been adequately studied. We collected blood samples from 20 participants before and 21 participants after the 161-km ultramarathon in Leadville, Colorado in August 2013. Using a portable analyzer, we measured cardiac troponin I (cTnl), hematologic,(More)
INTRODUCTION Non-traumatic knee joint effusion and fullness is a relatively common presenting complaint among athletes and non-athletes. Due to its broad differential diagnosis, a comprehensive evaluation beginning with history and physical examination are recommended. Imaging including plain radiography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and in some cases(More)
A 56 year old female presented to her primary care physician with a painless finger mass. She first noticed the mass about 7 years ago and it had been growing slowly since that time. Her former primary care physician had removed the mass about 5 years prior. She recalled being told at that time that it was a “ganglion cyst.” The mass had since returned and(More)
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