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Effect of surface and bulk solution properties on the adsorption of whey protein onto steel surfaces at high temperature
The adsorption of whey proteins on modified and unmodified 316 2R stainless steel surfaces was studied by in situ ellipsometry under well-defined flow conditions. The effects of bulk properties, e.g.Expand
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Micelle and Gel Formation in a Poly(ethylene oxide)/Poly(propylene oxide)/Poly(ethylene oxide) Triblock Copolymer in Water Solution. Dynamic and Static Light Scattering and Oscillatory Shear
The properties of aqueous solutions of low molecular weight triblock copolymers of PEO/PPO/PEO have been investigated, mainly by dynamic and static light scattering. At low concentrations (C<10%) andExpand
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Characterization of a Poly(ethylene oxide)-Poly(propylene oxide) Triblock Copolymer (EO27-PO39-EO27) in Aqueous Solution
A phase diagram is presented for poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(propylene oxide) triblock copolymer (EO 27 -PO 39 -EO 27 ) in aqueous solution based on SAXS, ultrasonic speed measurements, DSC, low-shearExpand
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Dynamic light scattering and fluorescence study of the interaction between double-stranded DNA and poly(amido amine) dendrimers.
The interaction between a cationic poly(amido amine) (PAMAM) dendrimer of generation 4 and double-stranded salmon sperm DNA in 10 mM NaBr solution has been investigated using dynamic light scatteringExpand
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Triblock Copolymers in Aqueous Solution Studied by Static and Dynamic Light Scattering and Oscillatory Shear Measurements. The Influence of Relative Block Sizes
This paper describes a comparison of low molecular weight, nonionic, triblock copolymers in aqueous solution. The samples were chosen to have a common block length (39 propylene oxide units) and withExpand
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Micellar Sphere-to-Rod Transition in an Aqueous Triblock Copolymer System. A Dynamic Light Scattering Study of a Translational and Rotational Diffusion
In dilute water solutions of a PEO-PPO-PEO triblock copolymer, polarized dynamic light scattering measurement date reveal a sphere-to-rod transition in the shape of the micelles at a temperatureExpand
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The interaction between PEO-PPO-PEO triblock copolymers and ionic surfactants in aqueous solution studied using light scattering and calorimetry
Properties of nonionic triblock copolymers of poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO) and poly(propylene oxide) (PPO) (EOnPOmEOn) in aqueous solution and their interaction with the ionic surfactants sodiumExpand
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Effects of salts on the micellization and gelation of a triblock copolymer studied by rheology and light scattering
The phase behavior and aggregation properties of a triblock copolymer of ethylene oxide (EO) and propylene oxide (PO), with a measured composition (EO)29(PO)40(EO)29, in aqueous solutions containingExpand
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