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Regulation of insulin secretion involves the coordinated control of ion channels in the beta-cell membrane. We have isolated and characterized cDNA and genomic clones encoding a voltage-dependent K+ channel isoform expressed in human islets and in a human insulinoma. This K+ channel isoform, designated hPCN1, with a deduced amino acid sequence of 613(More)
OBJECTIVE External muscle stimulation (EMS) of the thighs was previously shown to have beneficial effects in a pilot study on painful diabetic neuropathy. However, differential effects on specific symptoms of neuropathy as well as determinants of treatment response have not been described. DESIGN Ninety-two type 2 diabetes patients with different(More)
PURPOSE A primary enabling feature of near-infrared fluorescent proteins (FPs) and fluorescent probes is the ability to visualize deeper in tissues than in the visible. The purpose of this work is to find which is the optimal visualization method that can exploit the advantages of this novel class of FPs in full-scale pre-clinical molecular imaging studies.(More)
Multispectral optoacoustic tomography (MSOT) offers the potential to image in high-resolution cells tagged with optical labels. In contrast to single wavelength imaging, multispectral excitation and spectral unmixing can differentiate labeled moieties over tissue absorption in the absence of background measurements. This feature can enable longitudinal(More)
We reported earlier the delivery of antiangiogenic single chain antibodies by using oncolytic vaccinia virus strains to enhance their therapeutic efficacy. Here, we provide evidence that gene-evoked production of melanin can be used as a therapeutic and diagnostic mediator, as exemplified by insertion of only one or two genes into the genome of an oncolytic(More)
The zebrafish has become an important model organism to study myelination during development and after a lesion of the adult central nervous system (CNS). Here, we identify Claudin k as a myelin-associated protein in zebrafish and determine its localization during development and adult optic nerve regeneration. We find Claudin k in subcellular compartments(More)
Myelination, the ensheathment of axons by membranes of highly specialized glial cells, has been a crucial innovation during early vertebrate evolution. It enables high nerve signal conduction velocities, while maintaining nervous system size and energy requirements at moderate levels. Consequently, myelination has been conserved in all extant gnathostome(More)
In an agricultural catchment area in Germany we analyzed water samples from five entry routes for 2 insecticides. 5 fungicides and 13 herbicides. The sewage plant outlet and the emergency overflow of a sewage sewer contained only herbicides. In each farmyard runoff we found on average 24 g pesticides during application period, presumably caused by cleaning(More)
Qualitative valence bond formulations by Hiberty and co-workers (Hiberty, P. C.; Megret, C.; Song, L.; Wu, W.; Shaik, S. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2006, 128, 2836) of mechanisms for the radical exchange reactions H*+F:H-->H:F+H* and F*+H:F-->F:H+F* are compared to a previously published formulation of the generalized radical exchange reaction X*+R:Y-->X:R+Y*. The(More)