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Non-compliance is one of the crucial problems impairing outcome after transplantation. Fourteen lung transplant recipients were interviewed about their thoughts regarding transplant-related topics. Compliance was assessed by doctors. The psychological processing was investigated by content analysis. Highly compliant patients perceived more advantages by(More)
OBJECTIVE Psychosocial aspects have been investigated in transplant medicine mainly by the means of various structured questionnaires. To date only few interview data are available on patients thoughts about their self, the transplanted lung or the medication, and the relationship between these thoughts and compliance or gender. METHODS Twenty patients(More)
OBJECTIVES Lung recipients undergo a complex psychological process, including organ integration and processing of attitudes towards the organ donor. DESIGN Seventy-six lung recipients were asked to participate in a cross-sectional questionnaire study on the psychological processing of lung transplants. METHODS The questionnaire consisted of statements(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate the interplay between personality factors and metaphorical schemas. The " Big Five " personality factors of 20 patients after lung transplantation were examined with the NEO-FFI. Patients were questioned about their social network, and self-and body-image. The interviews were assessed with metaphor analysis.(More)
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