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The 13(th) century BC witnessed the zenith of the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean civilizations which declined at the end of the Bronze Age, ∼3200 years ago. Weakening of this ancient flourishing Mediterranean world shifted the political and economic centres of gravity away from the Levant towards Classical Greece and Rome, and led, in the long term, to(More)
Civilized societies should safeguard their heritage as it plays an important role in community building. Moreover, past technologies often inspire new technology. Authenticity is besides conservation and restoration a key aspect in preserving our past, for example in museums when exposing showpieces. The classification of being authentic relies on an(More)
The paper deals with the management of archaeological data from excavations that cannot be easily processed using traditional forms and relational databases. It proposes a way of preserving the integrity of original information, including spatial relations. It demonstrates that also in this case CIDOC-CRM offers a valid schema that may be easily extended to(More)
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